Nick is the only person in the world who can say he’s been on nearly every major press launch of every modern electric vehicle. He was one of the first to drive a pre-production Nissan LEAF in Japan, one of the first to drive a pre-production Volkswagen electric Golf in Germany, one of the first to drive a Tesla/Toyota RAV4 EV prototype, one of the first to drive the U.S.-spec Mitsu i in Japan, and one of the only Americans at the unveilings of the BMW i3 and i8 in Germany.

He was also the first individual on the planet to be given the chance to do a full battery range test of the Nissan LEAF—from the Nissan headquarters to the Jack Daniel’s Distillery and back.

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I magine a world where fun and green intermingle like happy coeds at a college party, where a car can simultaneously deliver astounding fuel economy and blistering performance, and where the beneficial realities of next generation car tech aren’t constantly stymied by the unimaginably pervasive interests of the powers that be.

It’s a fine line automotive journalists walk between being advocates and observers—and it’s no different for the handful of us devoted to green cars. Even so, advocating without a basis in facts leads to bad solutions, and enthusiasm without self-critique builds distrust. You’ll never catch me buying into the party line without serious reason.

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