In the early days of blogging, Nick built his reputation as a green car and green technology guru — first as the Editor-in-Chief of Gas 2.0, and then as a freelance journalist writing for outlets such as The New York Times, Motor Trend, Scientific American, Popular Mechanics,,, and

These days Nick spends his time deep in the world of Robotics, helping traditional industrial robotics companies transition to the modern world of marketing through storytelling, authenticity, thought leadership and passion delivered via content that is engaging regardless of message.

In his relatively short forty years he’s experienced more than the average person experiences in one lifetime. He still occasionally finds time to freelance write and is recognized as a thought leader and influencer in the world of electric cars and robotics.

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I magine a world where there is no hopelessness and all people are free to chart their own paths without worry, where most everything that can be automated has been automated and where sustainability is the overarching mindset. Imagine a world where work is a quaint concept that has been replaced by new purposes for getting out of bed each morning.

In this world borders are meaningless and humanity is simply a state of mind regardless of where you live, or even what planet you live on. The ambitious and intelligent can still carve out their bright, shining beacons and receive ample reward for their contributions, but no one is ever left behind.

Humanity won’t survive the coming transition without radically re-evaluating what it means to be human and how we all fit together on this precious, tiny planet surrounded by a vast, unknown universe.

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Contact Me

Have a tip? Want to get acquainted? Want to make me a job offer? Lost my email? Hate my work? Love my work? Curious if a plug-in car will fit your lifestyle? Wonder how the world will look when most jobs that currently exist are automated? Not sure which electric car charging station to buy? Think there’s a particular type of beer I should drink? Old friend? Want to pay off my student loans? Have a movie recommendation? Insane mad scientist type with an invention that will change the world? Have incriminating pictures of me from college? Have incriminating pictures of me from a business trip? Know the exact number of words the Eskimos have for snow? Have a good guess at the meaning of life? How about cross country skiing? Thinking of a number between 1 and 10? It’s 8, just so you know. Maybe you just need a shoulder to cry on?

This is the place for you to reach me.

Or not.

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