Cars That Don’t Shout Green

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Cars That Don’t Shout Green

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There was a time when “green” was a very specific niche in the automotive world. If you owned a hybrid – particularly the Toyota Prius – you were part of a small club of green aficionados. But times are changing, and people are finding themselves wanting to be green but not wanting to scream it to the world.

Sensing this trend, automakers have found that by including green technology, but wrapping it in a different package without the traditional hallmarks of the green club, many people are more comfortable with it. In fact, these days you may be driving a car with green technology and not even know.

Here are the top new technologies and cars that are green and increase fuel economy, but don’t have the word “hybrid” emblazoned on the sheet metal or require you to change your lifestyle to get in on the action. [read the entire article @]