Chevy Volt Mountain Mode

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Chevy Volt Mountain Mode

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The Chevy Volt has been out for a several months now, and it’s been reviewed nearly to death—with the vast majority of those reviews being positive. We’ve even reviewed it in many different ways here on

Yes I’ve driven it quite a bit already myself, but recently I had the opportunity to use it as if it was my personal vehicle for an extended period of time. It was the first time I was able to drive it for more than a few hours or a couple hundred miles at a time. Over the course of five days I drove it on a daily basis to haul my family around, run errands, and even transport a couple of folding tables and six folding chairs back from one of those big box stores. I also took it on a 300+ mile road trip over the Cascade Mountains from where I live in central Washington to Seattle and back.

While the car was certainly everything many other reviewers have raved about (including myself)—quiet, fun to drive, and comfortable—the part of that time that I learned the most was when I drove over the mountains. For one, it was the only time I ever used gas the whole time I had the car. But more importantly, I discovered a very useful driving strategy for long hauls with the Volt that may have been covered elsewhere, but I haven’t seen it and it seemed important to bring up. [read the entire article @]