Extend the EV Tax Credits

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Extend the EV Tax Credits

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After more than a decade of uninformed electric car bashing from certain segments of the population—with the last two years especially seeing an incredible spike as EVs have curiously become a political pawn piece—it’s not surprising that there is a veritable smorgasbord of bad will towards the otherwise innocuous vehicles. To listen to some of the punditry talk, supporting electric cars is the equivalent of throwing your mother overboard on a cruise vacation.

But I wonder if those same EV-hating pundits would have pulled out the unwavering ideological argument that supporting any kind of industry with government money is anti-American and will turn your babies into helpless, socialist wards of the state back when the government poured money into our fuel and highway system? Would they go back and say that tax breaks to help oil companies drill more were a bad idea? Would they argue that government funding of the electrical grid, nuclear powerplants or any of the innumerable technologies that wouldn’t exist today without government programs to support their development was the wrong decision?

Clearly EV-hating extremists aren’t new news, so why is this an issue again? As PluginCars.com readers likely know by now, with the New Year a few tax credits for EVs expired: namely the 30% Federal Tax credit for the installation of a charging station. Along with this came news of a new Republican-led assault on the existing $7,500 federal tax credit towards the purchase of an EV.

And then, sensing an opportunity, over the weekend the Washington Post published an editorial that basically said EVs aren’t ready for prime time and that all tax credits for them should be taken away, warning that “Backers of the charger tax credit may lobby Congress to renew it when lawmakers tackle the payroll tax extension issue again in the new year. We hope that Congress says no.”