Meet Demands of Tech Crowd

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Meet Demands of Tech Crowd

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These days it seems that cars are marching towards becoming more computer than car. It started with the introduction of in-car tech, but with the onslaught of the modern crop of plug-ins, high tech car gadgets are crammed into every nook and cranny—sometimes even existing as the soul of a car.

This marriage of high tech drivetrains and next generation connectivity has been driven by a greater desire among consumers to have their vehicles match their lifestyles. The ability to play Pandora over your car’s stereo, or connect with friends on Twitter or Foursquare while driving is, in many cases, merely an extension of a broad transformation that has occurred in the computing and cell phone industries over the past decade.

But as carmakers try and capture this new market, they are running into pitfalls they hadn’t imagined. “There’s an enormous challenge to manufacturers,” said Ed Kim, Director of Industry Analysis at AutoPacific, in an interview with “Technology dates very fast.” [read the entire post @]