Nissan LEAF Full Range Test

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Nissan LEAF Full Range Test

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Most regular readers know that Nissan’s quoted range for the LEAF is about 100 miles. But as Nissan has said—and as many regular EV drivers know—the total range of an electric vehicle can vary quite dramatically based on how the car is driven.

For instance, if you drove a Nissan LEAF uphill at 80 miles an hour with the A/C cranking full blast and five large adults in the car, you might only get 45 miles of range out of its battery. Alternatively, if you drove a steady 45 miles an hour over a completely flat route on a 60 degree day with no climate control, you might see as many as 135 miles of range. But still, none of that truly tells you what you could see during real world driving.

After today, I can tell you with unwavering certainty that the LEAF can obtain at least 100 miles of range in the real world—because Nissan let me loose in their baby to be the first automotive reporter on the planet to conduct a total range test, from a fully topped off battery to almost completely empty. [read the entire article @]