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just like my performance on camera, I'm accessible

Have a tip? Want to get acquainted? Want to make me a job offer? Lost my email? Hate my work? Love my work? Curious if a plug-in car will fit your lifestyle? Wonder how the world will look when most jobs that currently exist are automated? Not sure which electric car charging station to buy? Think there’s a particular type of beer I should drink? Old friend? Want to pay off my student loans? Have a movie recommendation? Insane mad scientist type with an invention that will change the world? Have incriminating pictures of me from college? Have incriminating pictures of me from a business trip? Know the exact number of words the Eskimos have for snow? Have a good guess at the meaning of life? How about cross country skiing? Thinking of a number between 1 and 10? It’s 8, just so you know. Maybe you just need a shoulder to cry on?

This is the place for you to reach me.

Or not.

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